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Supima Cotton

supima cotton


supima cotton / zero-waste, seamless tulle

blending innovation with craftsmanship, we are proud to work with supima for their increasing efforts in pairing land regeneration with sustainable growing methods for our cotton tulle. the cotton is traceable and processed in california with no waste, and is spun in japan using an innovative high-twist technology for strength and softness. 93% of supima’s cotton harvest comes from san joaquin valley, 3% is grown in arizona, 2% in new mexico, and 2% in texas. grown across 500 family owned farms, supima cotton represents a very small 1% of global cotton production. the multiple generations that manage the cotton farms each consider their land a legacy and responsibility, to be cared for by us as its custodians. this aligns so beautifully with our own values and practices.

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