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We’re so proud to work alongside some of the most skilled craftspeople the New Zealand fashion industry has. It’s a privilege to be able to share some of their stories.

For Part 4 in our Meet the Maker series, we’d love to introduce you to one of our Menders, Tina. Tina is our go-to for all things mending. She’s incredibly talented and plays an integral role in helping us to achieve our goal of a zero-waste chain for the complete lifecycle of each garment we create.

We hope you enjoy learning a little more about her story. 


Where did you start in the industry?
I grew up in China, and have been working as a mender since before I can remember – over 20 years now! It wasn’t until my 2nd year in the industry that I began to feel confident in my skill.

When did you move to New Zealand?
I moved here 6 years ago. The biggest difference in moving to New Zealand was that everything felt safe. The type of job was very similar, but because the income in China was so small, there was a lot more pressure to work longer hours in order to earn enough money. I feel a lot more relaxed in my job in New Zealand, because I don’t have that same pressure. It makes me feel more confident in what I do.

Tell us a little more about your family...
My daughter lives in China. We video call on WeChat every weekend. I usually see her once a year, but won’t this year because of Covid-19. The last time she came to New Zealand was 2 years ago, she loved it. It’s great that I have a job here, because it means I can support her education.


What do you love most about calling New Zealand home?
I love New Zealand because of the kind people, the weather, and the job & work family I have here.


Thank-you for joining with us in celebrating the hands behind your knits. 

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