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Made for Sharing : Apela and Stevie

At the heart of our seasonless Kiri collection is our made for sharing philosophy. Reigning true to our core principals of no-waste, functional design, we believe the test of a quality knit is one that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone.
To celebrate the launch of this season’s Kiri cotton iterations, we spoke with the wonderful Apela and Stevie, on what a shared life means to them.
Captured beautifully in their home by Rob Tennent, Apela wears our Kiri Henley and Stevie wears the Kiri Long Sleeve Crew, both in Charcoal.


Do you share wardrobes with each other?
Yeah we share all of our wardrobe together, the only thing we don't share is our shoes (mainly because Stevie's a giant haha).  


Clothing that’s made for everyone – what does that look like to you?
To us clothing made for everyone is not defined by gender, it's pieces that aren't restricted to just a certain size.  We see clothing as a way of representing how we feel and who we are.


There’s a subliminal mutual influence that comes with sharing a home, closeness or life together. How do you think you indirectly influence each other?
We would say that we indirectly influence each other by pushing ourselves to do and make the best choices for each other. We are a team and we both support each other when it comes to our dreams and our future. Also, we really try to understand each other's differences, opinions or choices - this was especially true when it came to moving into our first home together and we needed to decide on furniture and home decor - there were some disagreements!  Learning to find a balance and share parts of our worlds together in order to make it ours - it really is something special.



What would you say is the most important thing you share together?
Sharing our home together. It is a safe haven that we have both made and built together from the bottom. There's no place like home.
In an ever increasing world of ‘busy’ how do you stay connected to one another?
Stevie: When Apela is off his phone. 



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