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3 things you should know about cotton cashmere

the word cashmere is synonymous with luxurious warmth - if you’ve ever touched, worn or worked with pure cashmere, it’s easy to see why.

on the other hand, cotton is just as well-known as cashmere but for different reasons, most notably being synonymous with light breathable clothing. so what happens when you blend the two together?

Balance aw22 cashmere cotton outift

what is cotton cashmere?

cotton cashmere is a blend of two fibres.

cashmere (also known as kashmir) is a natural, animal fibre made from the undercoat of the cashmere and/or the pashmina goat. the undercoat is a lot softer than the outer hair - also known as guard hair.

cotton is also a natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant. it is known for its breathability and durability.

when blended, these fibres produce a soft, breathable and durable thread that offers a superior next-to-skin feel. So what is it about cotton cashmere that we love? here are our 3 favourite reasons.

#1 provides breathable year-round comfort

warm in winter and cool in summer, cotton cashmere offers the ideal blend of stability and breathability from cotton with the warmth and luxury of cashmere. our blend is made with 10% pure cashmere and 90% cotton, providing pieces that will move with you through the seasons. the combination of these wonderful fibres creates comfortable and functional pieces such as our versatile balance raglan hoodie.

#2 it has a superior next-to-skin feel

combining the powers of cotton and cashmere, both natural, renewable fibres generates a noticeably soft-to-the-touch layer that will provide you with all-day comfort. to build upon the superior feel this fibre combination offers, we use whole-garment knitting technology to produce seamless pieces that will not irritate your skin, such as our seamless balance rib crew (our most popular piece within the balance collection).

#3 lasts a life-time

when treated with care cotton cashmere will last a life-time. cashmere is known for its strength, stability and durability. when combined with cotton - another durable, natural fibre it creates knits that you can treasure a life-time. our cotton cashmere balance collection has been slow-crafted with care for you to enjoy forever. we also offer our care for life promise across our entire collection should you ever require a garment to be mended.

choose cotton cashmere clothing

this supreme balance is evident in our standard issue aw22 balance collection, designed in our tāmaki makaurau (auckland) workroom with care and dedication.

be kind to your skin and the planet. shop cotton cashmere clothing today.

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