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the magic of merino wool

when you think of wool, do you think of itchy christmas sweaters or soft, enduring wardrobe staples? 

merino wool is more than just a fabric. aside from the economic benefits that merino brings to many local farming regions, the fibres itself are soft and warm but also strong and durable. that’s why it's such a sought after textile for day-to-day garments.  

what is merino wool? 

merino is a breed of sheep - but they’re not like any other livestock. they’re built to withstand extreme temperatures. in summer, their fleece is lightweight which allows them to keep cool. in winter, the sheep grows an additional layer of wool on their base coat, insulating them from extreme cold. 

stronger than cotton, softer than traditional wool, this biodegradable, low impact fibre insulates your body heat but also allows your skin to breathe.

quick history of australian & new zealand wool

merino sheep were introduced in australia around 1797 and through selective breeding, their already high-quality wool was refined to become the superior merino wool fibre that we know today. 

back then, wool was reserved for hardy items of clothing for work - however, after ww1, prolific fashion designers were pushing the boundaries by using wool and similar fabrics for garments like dresses. 

in many cases, local Australian and New Zealand merino wool farming is family-owned, generational businesses. 

benefits of merino wool 

when we say the magic of merino wool, we mean it!

aside from the soft texture, there are several benefits to choosing merino products over traditional wool or synthetic fibres - 

easy to clean - merino items are wrinkle resistant and should be hand washed and dried flat. you can also just hang worn clothing outside for a quick refresh.

non allergenic - whether it’s a t-shirt or a sweater, merino wool clothing is especially ideal for those with sensitive skin.

odour resistant - as an absorbent fibre, it allows your skin to breathe so you won’t find yourself reaching for the deodorant while wearing merino clothing. 

strong - The components of a single merino wool fibre are layered to produce a textile that’s stronger than cotton, fire resistant and retains its shape after washing.

UV resistant - As merino wool is a natural fibre, it forms a UV barrier against the sun’s rays, making it perfect for summer. 


Standard Issue takes the utmost pride in producing high quality knitwear with as little impact on the environment as possible. we design and craft all of our merino knitwear to treasure for now and forever, providing you with a lifetime of wear through our care for life promise.

all of our merino garments are ethically sourced and fully traceable through our supply chain, back to the growers. we also ensure to only work with growers that share our values of respect for land, animal and environment - from field to stitch. 

so, when you’re buying new zealand merino wool products, you know that each one is - 

biodegradable - as it’s 100% recyclable and natural, should you ever have to get rid of your merino garments, it won’t have a negative impact on the environment. 

renewable - all it takes is grass, air, sunlight and water to help merino sheep produce a healthy fleece up to twice a year. 

minimal - we keep our carbon footprint as close to home as possible. In fact, all of our knitwear is manufactured in house in our Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) workroom.

how to wear merino wool?

merino wool is super soft and stronger than cotton, making this comfortable, insulating and breathable fibre the perfect textile material for day-to-day items like a merino cami or classic v-neck

you can even get dressed up while keeping comfortable. our illusion dress is one of several knits available in our autumn winter 22 collection that are suitable for the office or a night out.

inspired by the slow rhythms of the land in autumn, our new season collection offers a palette of harmonised tones that softly express the energy of the new season. 

discover our new colours harvest, lake and earth in our popular funnel neck jumper

the high quality difference

merino wool is an ethical, sustainable fibre. our super fine micron merino offers you a softness that sets it apart – yet it has a strength that’s made for everyday wear.

whether it’s for a jumper, skivvy, jacket or beanie, this high-quality fibre is one that won’t let you down. 

browse the Standard Issue merino collection 

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