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Care For Life

Founded on the principals of functional, sustainable design, Standard Issue garments are designed with a complete, circular life cycle in mind. We are dedicated to protecting the environmental footprint of each garment, and taking reponsibility for its life, even after you’ve finished wearing it. Simply return your worn garments to us and we’ll work alongside you to select its best next step, based on the condition we receive it in.


Each Standard Issue garment is designed to last for a lifetime, and we believe in repairing a garment before replacing it. If your garment has a small, repairable flaw, we offer a complimentary mending service. For larger repairs, this service may require a small fee. All garments will be assessed upon receiving, and may require a small mending fee. For repair advice prior to sending, please email us at info@standardissue.co.nz


For garments that no longer hold a special place in your heart, but are still fit for wear, we encourage you to gift it onto someone you know who may be in need. Alternatively, we are proud to work alongside the local community to kindly redistribute clothing on your behalf. Receive a 10% online discount when you return garments for Reuse.


For clothing that is beyond renewing, or reusing, we are proud to work with a New Zealand based textile recycling company, who repurpose raw, waste materials into household and commercial textile products. The 100% natural nature of Standard Issue garments makes this the perfect fit. Receive a 10% online discount when you return garments for repurposing.

Follow Its Journey

We promise to keep you updated on the journey of your returned garment and update you on the new life it’s given.