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About Us

Knitwear Made For Good

Founded in New Zealand in the 1980’s our passion for producing the very best, timeless and enduring knitwear remains unchanged today. 100% of our collection is crafted with care in our Auckland workroom where sustainable design is at the heart of everything we do. From functional seamless knits to our distinctive textured structures, each part of the Standard Issue brand DNA continues to inspire new designs and shape their stories. In the design and production of each garment we consider environmental impact, aesthetic, functionality and longevity as equally imperative.

Zero Waste

We are a family who deeply cares about what we produce and how we produce it. We believe it is our responsibility to leave the land better for future generations. With all our garments made in-house, we are proud to have full control over every aspect of production and use sustainable, innovative practices to achieve a zero-waste chain for the complete lifecycle of each garment. The four key steps we take toward achieving a zero-waste lifecycle are:

ONE | Natural Fibers

We make sure to select only 100% renewable or recycled natural fibres that have a low environmental impact. Before selecting to work with any fibre, meticulous in-house testing is completed to ensure it meets our quality standards. Our considered selection of the finest natural fibres coupled with our careful attention to detail, makes for long lasting knits that will only improve with wear.

TWO | Technology & Repurposing

Utilising knitting technology to create seamless garments free of waste, is at the forefront of Standard Issue design. Repurposing offcuts allows us to maintain a zero-waste outcome, when technology does not allow for it. To ensure our offcuts continue their life cycle, we work alongside a New Zealand based textile recycling company who repurpose raw, waste materials into household and commercial textile products. The 100% natural nature of Standard Issue garments makes this the perfect fit.

THREE | Limited Production Runs

All Standard Issue garments are made in-house in limited production runs. For each collection we simply make to the orders we have received from our retail partners and our carefully curated online collection. Doing so prevents against unnecessary production, wasteful manufacture and over-supply. Each limited production run starts with a work order which is generated on a demand basis - this usually equates to only a handful of knits being made at a time, in any particular style and colour combination. This can sometimes mean a garment is one of a kind in a production run. Our limited production also allows us to manage quality and ensure each of our wonderful makers has the time to attend to every detail of the garment make-up without cutting corners or feeling overwhelmed by volume. Once a garment is complete, it finds its way into the hands of our packing virtuoso - James, who folds and places a garment ticket on each piece before signing off the quantity associated with each production run – check out the back of your garment tag to see how special your knit is.

FOUR | Care For Life

Our dedication to protecting the environmental footprint of each garment we create goes beyond our workroom. We take responsibility for the complete lifecycle of each and every garment, through our Care for Life program. It’s our promise to work alongside you to either renew, reuse or repurpose your treasured knit with a complete, circular life cycle in mind. Find out more about our Care for Life program here.
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