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faulty item returns

we stand by the quality of our products and are proud to make 100% of our collection in-house. all fibers we work with are meticulously tested by our team to ensure every Standard Issue garment can be enjoyed for a lifetime. loved clothing shows wear, general wear-and-tear may include:

pilling is not uncommon with knitwear, especially wool and cashmere. you can easily remove the little balls by hand, or by gently running over the knit with a cashmere comb. Standard Issue garments are knitted with high quality yarns and a tight tension to help minimise pilling. 

moth holes

storing woolen pieces requires a little more care compared to cottons and other fibers, as moths and silverfish love wool, and can cause holes. using a few drops of lavender, mint, or eucalyptus on a cotton ball, nestled among your knits is a good way to prevent against these pests. we recommend storing your clean, dry knitwear in an airtight container, especially in warmer months. ensure your knits are clean before you store them away, as any dirt can attract moths.

please see our full knitwear care guide here. our care instructions have been thoroughly tested by our design and development team to ensure the longevity of Standard Issue garments. if you feel the damage to your garment does not fall under general wear-and-tear we ask that the garment is returned to us for assessment by our quality control team, we will then work with you to determine the best solution. please email info@standardissue.co.nz for more information.