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3 must-have fabrics for summer

with summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe to accommodate the season.

this means, safely storing away your big, woolly knits and favourite merino clothing and bringing in your lighter, breathable items.

as we move into the hottest season, comfort is top of mind. therefore, wearing clothing that compliments your body’s core temperature - rather than fight it - means you can literally keep your body cool in summer fabrics.

what does summer fabric mean?

summer is quickly approaching so it’s time to start reaching for summer fabrics that allow your skin to breathe, helping you to keep cool and comfortable all summer long.

aside from keeping cool, our summer fabrics are not only classic but also a sustainable option.

our authentic summer fabrics are crafted from natural fibres and are designed with longevity in mind, reducing the impact on landfills and the fast-fashion crises.

types of summer fabrics

embrace that summer feeling by getting your wardrobe ready with the Standard Issue best sellers. breathable, versatile and timeless, these are our favourite picks from our spring / summer collection -

#1 linen fabric

linen is made from the stems of flax plants, which has a crystalline structure that makes it up to three times stronger than cotton.

in the 16th century, linen clothing was reserved for the monarchs or nobility class because it was comfortable, luxurious and expensive to harvest and produce.

linen clothing is more widely available today and offers several benefits, including -

resilient for everyday wear
hypoallergenic for people with allergies or other skin conditions
breathable enough to keep you cool in summer
easy to clean
sustainable for recycling clothing
it’s versatility when designing clothing for men or women

    #2 bio organic cotton

    our bio-organic cotton is spun in Italy using innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes that have a low environmental impact.

    in continuous pursuit of quality without compromise, this organic yarn is made with heart placing environment and people first.

    traceable to source and grown with no harmful pesticides this special fibre is knitted on our mid-weight machines then hand-finished by our expert team of craftspeople.

    each knit has a crisp handle and is crafted with longevity in mind, for you to treasure forever.

    our bio-cotton is super versatile and can be worn across all seasons.

    other benefits of bio-organic cotton over regular cotton include -

    softer than regular cotton
    less water used in the growing process
    no pesticides used in the production
    hand wash but easy to clean
    breathable and better for your skin

      #3 cotton tulle

      tulle is a type of netting which is most recognised by its small, hexagon shape.

      you might know this fabric as being quite stiff from ballerina tutus and the lining of formal wear, but in actual fact it can be made from a variety of materials - such as nylon, silk and cotton.

      our cotton tulle is a much softer variation of standard tulle and one of the most versatile fibres we work with.

      the Standard Issue cotton tulle garments are perfect for summer because they’re light, breathable and supremely soft against your skin.

      other benefits of cotton tulle are -

      it’s easy to clean, albeit carefully
      can be worn on its own or as a versatile layer
      it can be styled for a more casual or formal look

      get your summer fabric favourites

      are you dressed and ready to jump into summer?

      from linen shirts, cotton tulle tops and lightweight summer skirts to men’s breathable t-shirts, the Standard Issue  spring/summer  garments are made to treasure now and forever.


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