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7 sustainable garments to go from spring to summer

transitional fashion means that you can use your clothing all year round. new zealand is renown for delivering four seasons in one day and we use this as our inspiration to design clothing that you can enjoy throughout the year.

but there’s more to this than just fashion. we’re about creating garments that are not only created in a sustainable way but designed to last so that you can enjoy them throughout the year - every year.

sustainable fashion closet staples

forget buying an entire new wardrobe at the change of seasons. with a healthy selection of clothing staples that can be used across seasons and easily blended within your existing wardrobe all you need to do is add an accessory, jacket or shoes to create a new look.

to create a considered and more sustainable wardrobe, we recommend choosing staples that are made of high quality natural fibres and have a timeless aesthetic.

before you purchase a garment, consider how it will fit in with items you already own. can you imagine three or more ways to wear the item with what’s currently in your wardrobe?

start at the top

staples that are neutral in colour and allow you to layer with other ‘more stand out’ garments - like a jacket or accessories are a great place to start for the top.

so, as part of your top-half staples, we can recommend -

#1 cotton fisherman singlet - an excellent, sleeveless option with a snug fit. perfect to be worn as is or underneath a tee or jumper as part of a spring or autumn outfit.

#2 cotton reverse tee - designed with comfort in mind, this knitted tee can be worn as an oversize fit on its own or with layers underneath as the weather cools.

#3 cotton little v - long sleeve, v-neck jumper made from 100% bio-cotton. breathable, warm and pairs perfectly with shorts or trousers.

#4 merino crop crew cardi - this lightweight cardi is made from breathable merino wool and is perfect as a next to skin layer or thrown over a crop top or cardi when an extra layer of warmth is needed.

back to the bottom

breathable fibres like merino wool means which regulates body temperature and wicks away moisture are a great all-year-round option. the Standard Issue merino milano shorts are an excellent choice to keep your lower half comfortable through the seasons.

#5 merino milano short - has been designed to wear all year long. with a relaxed waistband and sleek pocket detailing, it’s a classic, neutral look that can be paired with any t-shirt, shirt, jumper or cardigan.

#6 balance long track - crafted from cotton-cashmere this trackpant combines the breathable properties of cotton with the soft snug feeling of cashmere for ultimate comfort no matter what the season.

#7 cotton rib to rib skirt - in a flattering mid-length silhouette, this skirt can be dressed up or down and has been designed with both comfort and longevity in mind.

get the look

slow fashion

say goodbye to fast fashion.

we pride ourselves on sustainability and live by a care for life motto. that’s why, we use high-quality, natural fibres such as zq merino wool and bio-organic cotton to not only ensure longevity but also have a low environmental impact. with high-quality closet staples you’re able to buy less and treasure items for longer.

benefits of merino wool

when you think about wool clothing, you won’t immediately assume comfort. however, merino sheep are no ordinary sheep.

as we move into spring, there’s no denying that it can still be a bit chilly. there are several reasons why merino wool is beneficial during these transitional seasons -

temperature regulating
merino wool is the ideal fibre for climates that can fluctuate regularly. this special fibre will help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool when hot and helping you keep warm when it gets cool.

unlike synthetic fibres, merino wool is biodegradable. however, we don’t want any of our garments ending up in landfill and through our care for life program will work with you to either renew, reuse or repurpose it - so get in touch if you have an item in need of repair or no longer needed.

breathable & odour free
thanks to the natural moisture wicking in merino wool, the fibres don’t hold onto sweat or other bodily odours.

clothing for all seasons

our new bio-organic cotton is the perfect all-season fibre. traceable to source and grown with no harmful pesticides this special fibre is knitted on our mid-weight machines then hand-finished by our expert team of craftspeople. each garment has been consciously designed for you to wear on its own or as a layer. every item is made to last and will take you through many seasons to come.

browse our ss22 bio-organic cotton range today.


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