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5 reasons to wear merino wool all year round

when you hear the word wool, you probably won’t associate it with comfort - and if you don’t, then you’ve definitely never experienced merino wool clothing.

merino wool is a magic fibre - well, that’s what we think. when compared to traditional wool, merino ticks all the boxes. whether it’s a merino tee for all year round comfort or fine merino wool knits perfect for layering, this soft, comfortable material is a sure-thing.

here are our 5 reasons to wear merino wool all year round -

#1 it’s warm & cool

the merino sheep is known for being able to withstand extreme temperatures. their wool is moisture wicking, temperature regulating and insulating to keep them warm on frosty mountains and cool on hot days. this is all thanks to the properties that make up the fibres.

so, when you’re wearing a merino wool top these fibres have the exact same benefits as they would on a merino sheep.

why is merino wool warm & cold?

moisture wicking
temperature regulating
versatile to wear on any occasion

    #2 good for the skin

    if you have sensitive skin, in many instances it’s your sweat that can cause problems - especially if you’re wearing fabric that’s non-breathable. merino wool naturally absorbs and releases moisture.

    merino wool has lanolin in the fibres, which is a natural wax produced by the sheep’s skin. this wax repels water and moisture, making it breathable and almost odourless when in contact with sweat.

    another treat about merino wool is that it can also provide protection from UV rays. While we’ll never say that you shouldn’t use sunscreen, it's good to know that your long sleeve jumper can add additional protection, especially when outdoors for longer periods of time.

    why is merino wool good for my skin?

    UV protection
    breathable and naturally absorbs and releases moisture
    no odour thanks to the antibacterial properties that absorb odour molecules.

      #3 merino wool is eco-friendly

      merino wool is completely natural and biodegradable and takes about 12 months to break down into nothing when discarded.

      we make all of our products in-house and source our merino wool from local growers in new zealand. this alone greatly reduces our carbon footprint.

      above all, Standard Issue offers a Care for Life guarantee. this is our promise to care for the life of every garment we produce. simply return your worn garment to us and we’ll work alongside you to select its best next step, based on the condition we receive it in.

      why is merino wool eco-friendly?

      locally & ethically sourced
      odour neutralising properties you can wash less frequently

        #4 easy to clean

        thanks to the antibacterial properties of merino wool, you don’t need to wash merino clothing as regularly as you would synthetic items.

        while care instructions differ between items, clothing such as merino tulle can simply be aired out after wearing. spot clean between washing as required. always take care to hand-wash merino items with a gentle eco-friendly soap.

        to dry, you should lay your items flat out of direct sunlight to ensure that you keep the shape intact. when wet and hung up, clothing like sweaters, jumpers or cardigans can droop because of the weight from the moisture.

        is merino wool easy to clean?

        can simply air out by lying flat on a bed or towel overnight
        spot clean in-between washes as required
        hand wash when required using a gentle soap

          see our full knitwear care guide here

          #5 long lasting 

          merino wool is approximately six times stronger than cotton. which means, when looked after correctly, it’s more durable and retains its shape for longer after washing.

          how is merino wool long lasting?

          6 times stronger than cotton
          highly durable fibre
          when cared for correctly will last a lifetime

            merino you can trust

            Standard Issue takes pride in each and every one of our products and aims to not only give you the best merino wool clothing but also give back to our community.

            each winter we run our jumper for jumper program in which we donate a jumper to a child in need for every Standard Issue jumper purchased online or in our newmarket flagship store.

            shop our new merino wool autumn winter 22 collection today.

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